SIHH 2019: Bell & Ross Replica Watches Medusa

Maximilian Busser's Aquapod is hands down my favorite Maximilian Busser piece. It is a tongue-in-cheek version of the dive watch, with a side profile that reminds me of a jellyfish. Although I confess to a natural fascination with jellyfish, I really enjoy the lightheartedness, whimsy, and imagination that MB&F has come up with.

SIHH 2019 will be here once more, with MB&F collaborating with L'Epee1839 for the 10th year. Every collaboration between the two is something I applaud. Anything out of the ordinary, to express time, or downright unimportant, merely breathes new life into the industry. Let's see, what are we going to get this year? Did the watch gods see my thoughts? People, we have a jellyfish clock!

The Medusa clock is a dual-configuration clock that shows time using a fixed indicator and two rotating rings.Richard Mille Fake Watches One for hours, the other for minutes. Superluminova is added to this clock, which brings us further into the dark, deep abyss. It beats at 18,000 vph, and the suspended movement can be seen moving away almost like a real jellyfish's heartbeat.

To wrap the piece, Epee has crafted a striking Murano glass dome in hand-blown Murano to imitate the rippling body and colors of the sea critter. Epee had to approach over 40 companies before finding the right one.

Fabrice Gonet is the designer of the Medusa. He first pitched the idea to MB&F in 2016. When he asked me to show him one of his designs, I agreed, even though it's not something I usually say yes to. Also, because his design was a clock, and not a watch, I accepted. Busser recalls that the vision was so clear that the final clock came out very close to what was sketched."

The Medusa can be used as a horological machine or an art replica watches It is available in 50 pieces and can be mounted on the ceiling or on your desk.

Clock on, Bell & Ross Replica Watches

Technical Specifications


L'Epee suspension movement, manufactured in-house; 18,000vph; 7 day power reserve


Murano handblown glass; stainless steel, brass movement and standing base; Superluminova indexes and topplate with Superluminova. Hanging position: 286 mm high x 250mm diameter; standing: 323mm tall.Bell & Ross Replica Watches The hand-blown glass dome weighs approximately 6kg.


Limited edition of 50 pieces in pink, green, and blue

Bell & Ross Replica Watches

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